Saturday, May 19, 2012

Restoration Ministries April 2012 #1

Jeny is continuing her Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. It is a slow process but she does show slight improvement in her left arm and hand. Pray for her because her legs do not have the strength for her to stand as yet.

Every month we go to the eye doctor for her to check Jeny's left eye. Her left eye is starting to straighten up with the help of the patch.

Restoration Ministries March 2012 #7

Brighter Horizon's is a sponsorship program giving students the opportunity to attend middle school. Here are pictures of some of the students receiving their money for March.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student contact us at We will be glad to give you the opportunity to help one of the young people in the area of Jocotan or Camotan Guatemala.

Restoration Ministries March 2012 #6

Brother Len and myself  met at the church at 9 am. The two of us left and spent the morning visiting 8 people from the church and 3 people from the community. We had a great time sharing with each other as well as the others visited.

Restoration Ministries March 2012 #5

I traveled to El Tesoro to meet with brother Len and brother Tavo. We met at the house of brother Tavo to talk with the man giving us the price of the materials and labor to stucco the outside of the church. We agreed on the price and they are to begin work in three weeks. Brother Tavo said he would supply the sand for the project at no cost.

All the materials have delivered to the church. We are grateful for God's help to supply the finances for the stucco work.

Restoration Ministries March 2012 #4

Brother Len and myself visited Chila and her daughter to give food to them. Chila also has a son but he ws not there. She is a single mother living in the mountain village of El Tesoro. She has a hard life in that she physicaly handicaped and her brother beats her just because he can. We took her 50 pounds of corn and 50 pounds of black beans.

The same day we took 50 pounds of corn and 50 pounds of black beans to Amanda's children. Amanda was a widow but she got married. Her husband already has eight children and he did not want Amanda's six children to live with them. The six children live in the house without an adult. The youngest is 4 years old the oldest is 20.

We met another widow that her husband died in February of colon cancer. Her name is Telma she has three children. Telma has a little girl one year old. She is need of help to purchase milk for the little girl.
You can purchase Nido one year plus that will last for about a month. It costs $25 for a large can of Nido.

If you would like to help. One hundred pounds of corn cost $28 and one hundred pounds of black beans cost $54. If you are unable to buy a 100 pounds perhaps you can purchase 50 pounds. Fifty pounds of corn cost $14 and fifty pounds of black beans cost $27.

Please send all tax deductible donations to:

Restoration Ministries

P.O. Box 1573

Lithia Springs, Ga 30122

Thank you for your financial help for these families.

Restoration Ministries March 2012 #3

Melissa our daughter and I helped two groups of missionaries. I drove for the two teams and translated and Melissa translated. It was a blessing for them and us. They paid us both. It was a great help to Melissa and her family. We were able to purchase a freezer to help us out with our teams. Thank you for your help missionary friends.

Restoration Ministries March 2012 #2

On the first and third Saturdays of the month we go to the village of El Tesoro to hold church service for adults and chidrens church. Carlos and myself preach and Vickie and Carolina teach the children. We had a average of 10 adults and 13 children this month. It is a great pleasure to bless the people of El Tesoro. My camera was not working so there are not any pictures this month.